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Courage In The County

Courage in The County is a PSA campaign that will create an awareness of the many types of cancers and the importance of early detection and treatment.  Our goal is to encourage viewers to be aware of symptoms and screenings available, and to encourage them to see their health care provider.  Viewers are asked to submit their stories, so the PSA campaign can be personalized to Aroostook County patients, families, and survivors.   
We’ve shared stories of Courage in The County through the faces and voices of Aroostook County cancer survivors.  But the heroes among us also include caregivers, healthcare providers, and others who inspire and support.  We are pleased to add these special people to those we will honor this year.  Join us as we take Courage in The County into the community in 2015.

Please visit our nomination page if you would like your story, or the story of a friend or family member, to be considered as part of our Courage in The County PSA Campaign.
February 2015
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December 2015
December 2015